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Werther’s Graduation Lei

Yesterday, my younger brother graduated from high school with high honors!

He was the most handsome graduate in the whole class!

There are so many big things coming up for this dude. I am so excited and proud of him.

In about a month he is going to be leaving on an LDS mission to Romania. He leaves the day after my birthday. Happy birthday to me, I guess? 🙁

I’m gonna miss this sucker.

He is the sweetest uncle to baby girl, but Romania is lucky to have him.

DIY - how to make your own Werther's Lei for your graduate!

You want to know how I made that awesome lei, friends?

Good, because I’m going to show you.

The supplies you need for this are: A few bags of Werther’s candies that are individually wrapped Some curling ribbon Some two inch ribbon

You can do just one color of curling ribbon or several. I used blue and red because those are his high school colors (GO RED DEVILS).

I ended up using 150-ish Werther’s (give or take a few). Mine was pretty full obviously, so you don’t need to use that many if you don’t want to. You need to cut one piece of curling ribbon into six inches for each piece of candy you use. Then you tie the curling ribbon around each piece of candy.

DIY - how to make your own Werther's Lei for your graduate!

Make sure the ribbon is about the same length on each side of the candy. Now cut your two inch ribbon into a 3 1/2 foot piece (Just measure it on yourself and cut when you like the length) and start tying those little candies all the way down the ribbon. Remember to leave some room on each end to be able to tie the ends together.

Now you have an awesome candy lei to give to your graduate, and they definitely will not starve to death during graduation.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

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