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Poppy Seed Bundt Cake

Fun fact: eating poppy seeds can make you fail a drug test. True story. I always thought it was just a rumor until I watched a...

Boston Cream Cheesecake Cake

I have really grown to love making cheesecakes. They are such an impressive and decadent dessert that people seem to be afraid of, but...

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies

So… I’ve been thinking, and we need to have a little chat (Did that sound a little softer than, “We need to talk.”?? I think I pee my...

Texas Sheet Cake

I finally have a dessert post up! Sorry it’s been a while since the last dessert post, guys. This pregnancy has been crazy! I pretty much...

Samoa Sheet Cake

WHAT WHAT. This sheet cake is magical. Magical in taste. And magical in that it fed an entire hungry volleyball team. That’s why I love...

Chocolate Coconut Poke Cake

Coconut is one of my favorite flavors. I know this recipe isn’t super “Fall-y”, but I couldn’t resist sharing it any longer. The first...

Coconut Angel Food Cake

I’m desperately clinging to summer with every fiber of my being. Because summer has this angel food cake in it. I’m actually really ready...

Summer Cake with Fruit and Cream

This dessert is the epitome of summer. You could put any fruit that is currently in season on top and I’m sure it would still be magical....

Mississippi Mud Pie

Happy Pi(e) Day! My love for pie is a little embarrassing. I’m one of those psychos that has pie on my birthday instead of cake. If cake...

Banana Sour Cream Cake

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I buy bananas for the sole purpose of keeping them long enough to make banana bread. I know I’m...

Raspberry Streusel Coffee Cake

I want to eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, snacks, tea time, recess, dessert, brunch, brinner and every other second...

Sour Cream Frosting

This frosting could probably bring about world peace. Not to be dramatic or anything, but this frosting is seriously awesome and I want...

Italian Love Cake

Happy weekend, friends! Because I love you, and all things Italian, I thought I’d give you this recipe today. It’s about time a cake made...

Sugar Cookie Sheet Cake

Famous Julie and I attempted to turn her favorite sugar cookie recipe into a sugar cookie bars, and as you can see from the title, we...

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

My friend here in Santa Rosa asked me the other week (before baby girl decided to make her entrance into the world) if I wanted to come...

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