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Striped Baby Blanket

So guess what, guys? Sometimes I sew.

But, apparently I never iron.

Who has the time or the energy to iron anyway?

Probably the people who have time to sew…

*Ah hehm*

WELL… This is a baby blanket that I made for my little niece, Baby Josie.

She is adorable and perfect and has the best smile and the coolest hair.

I think we’ll keep her. We’ll definitely keep her.

Any-whoodle… if you guys are interested, I will show you the measurements you’ll need to make this guy below.

baby blanket 2

Striped Baby Blanket

In this blanket I used 10 different fabrics. Obviously the colors I used were green, pink, brown and white. You need some fabrics that have several of your colors in them to blend everything together well, but you also need some more neutral fabrics to make it more pleasing to look at.

This is a good quilt to start off with if you are a beginner because it is just cutting and sewing lines of fabric together. It really doesn’t get much easier. There isn’t any piecing involved. You don’t have to worry about lining up corners correctly. All you have to do is make sure you cut straight, and sew straight. Boom.

This blanket ended up being 36″ wide and 55″ long, and here are the measurements for your viewing pleasure:

We are adding 1/4 inch seam allowance to the side of each piece of fabric that is sewn together. So the fabrics in the middle that are cut to 2.5″ or 3.5″ will end up being 2″ and 3″ respectively once they are sewn.

Also, I just realized that I took the pictures of it upside down.

I should probably just stick with food.

baby blanket 3

All I want is to be cool like my friend Mary Sorensen. If you want to see some SERIOUSLY cool sewing, you need to check out her blog: Little House on the Dairy.

I want to be her when I grow up.

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