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Homemade Bread


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Rustic Bread

Do you like bread that’s crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside? Who am I kidding? … Of course you do! Do you think that...

Apple Cinnamon Artisan Bread

Over on my Instagram (follow me @playzwithfood!) we have been celebrating Pie Month and it has been GLORIOUS. Ya’ll know I have a thing...

Pumpkin Seed Cranberry Artisan Bread

I will seriously never get over Fall time. It is my favorite season by leaps and bounds. I think I’ll like it even more (if that’s...

Whole Wheat Multigrain Bread

I’m super excited today, because I’m sharing my first video ever! I’m probably going to look back on this first video and cringe after a...

Soft & Fluffy Orange Rolls

It’s SPRING you guys! When Spring comes around I find myself craving any and all things citrus. These orange rolls are fresh and zesty...

Utah Scones

Scones are one of my favorite foods. I have a lot of favorite foods, and every single one of them is equally terrible for my health. But...

Honey Buttermilk Bread

My mouth is watering so much that I actually suspect that it might be crying. Crying because it doesn’t have this bread in it right this...

Honey Challah Bread

Welcome to my happy place. Carbs Land. Do you guys have any idea how horrible I am at braiding? I grew up with three brothers, and all I...

Best Wheat Bread

Hmmm…. Bread. Bread is my jam. Jam is my jam. Bread and jam together are like… really good. So… yeah. You guys. Things have been SOOO...

Multigrain Pizza Crust

Move over Pizza Hut, this is literally the greatest pizza crust recipe on the face of the planet. Don’t let the multigrain part of it...

Liege Waffles

I always thought that I loved waffles… and then I met liege waffles. That’s the day I realized I had never really known what love was....

Finnish Cardamom Braids

I love bread. I especially love pretty bread, but of course it also has to be delicious. That’s a given. I was a little intimidated of...

Basic White Bread

Making bread at home makes me feel a little cool. Also, loaves of bread in California are like 100 million dollars each, so if I make it...

“Favorite” Dinner Rolls

These rolls though. I am a lover of all things carbohydrates. But THESE rolls in particular. They make my world go ’round. Favorite...

Easy Bread Maker Rolls

These rolls are seriously SOOO good. We like to make them with half wheat flour and half white flour and they turn out so light and...

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