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French Onion Grilled Cheese with Bacon

Famous Julie gave me a panini press/griddle and I’ve been turning out grilled cheese sandwiches like it’s my job. This variation is one that I have been wanting to try for a while now. I have always been a fan of French Onion Soup and a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches. The thought of combining them made my heart go pitter patter and all heart eyes emoji. PLUS BACON. I try to put bacon on as many things as humanly possible. Bacon covered bacon. So simple it’s genius. Anyway,

Shrimp Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce

There will be literal face stuffing in this blog post. Stay tuned. It shouldn’t surprise you though because this pasta is AMAZING. I mean, look at it! Pastas with creamy tomato sauce totally get me. Then you go ahead and add shrimp and it’s like my nirvana. There is a little bit of crushed red pepper and paprika for a nice smoky kick, as well. FYI, the smell of fresh garlic and onions sautéing has to be one of my favorite kitchen smells. It’s right up there with freshly baked

Copycat Bajio Shrimp Tacos

I worked at Bajio the summer after I graduated from high school and I very quickly fell in love with their shrimp tacos. That particular restaurant has since closed, and the closest one is about 30 minutes away, so whenever I need my Bajio fix it’s WAYYY more convenient to make it at home nowadays. I’ve already pretty much mastered their Chicken Green Chile Quesadilla, and we’ve got these shrimp tacos pretty dang close, all I need to do now is discover the secret to their swe

Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Because pizza. Because grilled pizza is my newest obsession. *Disclaimer: I have a lot of obsessions. Tell me you’ve tried it. Tell me you will try it after you see this recipe. This grilled chicken bacon ranch pizza might be one of my new favorites. It’s SUPER simple and has loads of fresh ingredients over top. I love fresh tomatoes and fresh basil on pizza and on this baby, those ingredients totally make it. I wish I could tell you I grew them myself. Someday I will be able

Grilled Fish Tacos

This is a good recipe to have before Taco Tuesday rolls around this week. It’s also an excellent one to have after I posted that pico de gallo recipe last week. I told you that you were going to want to put it on all the things. These fish tacos are no exception. I want to grill all the things. Put pico on all the things. Eat all the things. And I did just that with these babies. I’ve probably told you before of my past disdain for tacos. I’ve never been a fan of the taco sea

Campfire Burger

This burger is so good it’ll make you want to slap yo mama. I’ve never really understood that phrase. Are we slapping our momma’s because we can’t handle the exquisite tastes in our mouths? Or… are we slapping our momma’s because they never made this burger for us and we had to live without it for so long? Well, I am putting an end to the madness. Not just because I’m a mom now… and I don’t want to get slapped. But also because that is anarchy. If everybody slapped their moms

Shrimp Enchiladas

Oh, shell fish how I love you. These enchiladas are amazing. They are packed with veggie goodness and exploding with cheese. What else can you possibly ask for in life? Oh. Cilantro. You can ask for cilantro. Well guess what, buddy. It has that, too. A whole handful up there, see it? There’s only a little bit actually inside of it, but you know. Whatever. Throw it on top like I did and go to town. To continue my story from last week… I believe I left it around the point where

Copycat Bajio Chicken Green Chile Quesadilla

My first year of college I got a couple of jobs during the summer, one of which was at a Bajio in Provo, Utah. One of the absolute best things on the menu was their Chicken Green Chile Quesadilla. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s fresh and SOOOOO delicious. It’s got lots of peppers, lots of onions, and loads of cheese. All of the good things in life, basically. If you’ve never been to Bajio before, that’s okay! Because here is one of the best things on their menu! But also, I’m s

Asian Salmon

So have you guys ever heard of a life proof case? Ya know… the cases that are supposed to protect your iPhone from all of the disasters that may befall it? Like, how it can survive a devastating fall? Or withstand crushing pressure from underwater depths? Or even defy an electric shock? Well…. Guess what they can’t survive? One month with a toddler. Yeah. Baby Girl owned the crap out of my impenetrable iPhone case. Now I guess I’ll go buy a pretty one instead. ANYWAY… this sa

Pork Carnitas Tacos

It is 3:15 and Baby Girl still hasn’t taken a nap. Send. Help. Seriously, though. If you don’t hear from me in the next 24-48 hours she has probably taken me down in an exhausted fit of rage. She is usually a really sweet happy baby. Until she’s hungry/tired. She gets that from her momma. Speaking of my little sous chef… she wasn’t particularly helpful in the kitchen earlier today. I was baking a cheesecake and needed an ingredient from my pantry. I grabbed it, turned back ar

Recipes for the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July, tomorrow! I thought today would be a good day to remind you of some recipes that will be a hit at your Fourth of July BBQ. What shall we start with? Drinks! This Cucumber Punch is easy to throw together and super refreshing on a hot summer day. By far the most popular recipe on the blog. This Brazilian Lemonade will seriously blow you and your guests away. A few mushrooms, a few onions and a little bit of A.1. makes these sirloin burgers extra special. G

Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken

I’m spending the entire week coaching at a volleyball tournament here in St. George, Utah. I love volleyball and I love my players, so I’m super stoked to spend the entire week with them playing the sport we all love. BUT, it’s also the first time I’ve ever left Baby Girl over night… and I’m doing it for FOUR NIGHTS. I’m going to die of an anxiety attack. Except I left her in the very capable hands of Famous Julie. She raised me and I made it out alive and semi-normal, right?

Mango Chicken Stir Fry

Quick? Check. Easy? Check. Healthy? Check. And pretty to boot. It’s the whole package. Plus, you can eat it with chopsticks and improve your dexterity. Do I really have to keep going? This recipe is for those days that you start the morning off with a piece of chocolate cake. Or pastries. Or pie. Or cookies. Which these days are known as their psuedonyms: muffins, donuts, poptarts and …. well, cookies. Cookies is kind of a hard one to justify as a breakfast food. But we’ve al

Hawaiian Pizza w/ White Sauce

I think I may have my priorities a bit messed up. While we were eating this pizza the other day, things must have gotten a little out of hand because halfway through the meal my husband turned to me and said, “I wish you talked to me like you talk to pizza.” WOAH. I knew I loved pizza but I didn’t realize I was THAT nice to pizza. But, it’s like…. pizza. You know? So, basically I want to issue everyone a challenge. I want to challenge you to be as nice to someone this week, a

Chicken Pot Pie

The ultimate in comfort food. Just looking at that picture makes me feel better already. How do you feel? No… how would you feel if you were eating it right now? Wait. How would you feel if Ryan Gosling was spoon-feeding this to you? I’m guessing that this would probably become your new favorite food. It might become your new favorite food even if it’s your right hand spoon-feeding this to you… (wait… do you spoon-feed yourself?) I’m so confused now. BECAUSE IT’S DELICIOUS. T

Mexican Lasagna

Here is a recipe you can make for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Now you can celebrate the crap out of Cinco de Mayo because guess what. I’m about to blow your mind. This is totally a crock pot recipe. YEAH. So you can go do whatever people do on Cinco de Mayo, and then come home to this awesomely cheesy dinner with layers upon layers of deliciousness. Win. Win. What do you do on Cinco de Mayo? I feel like I’m missing out on something awesome. All I do is make Mexican food. Then eat

Best Beef Stew

I made this forever ago and never really found a good time to post it. I was waiting for a snowy day, but the winter was so mild and spring came so early that I think I kind of missed the boat. It’s SO GOOD though, I can’t keep it from you any longer! I first fell in love with this recipe right after Mr. T and I tied the knot. Mr. T is a man of many talents, one of which is hunting. After we got married, he came home with deer meat. A LOT of deer meat. Have you ever eaten dee

Teriyaki Pineapple Kebabs

Is it kabob? Or kebab? The world may never really know, I guess. Promise me that you will still like me a little bit after I tell you a little secret. You are all going to gasp in disbelief and utter disgust when I tell you this, but Costco’s already prepared and pre-packaged food is the bomb. Alright, that probably wasn’t a secret, but… GUYS! I’m a food blogger who buys already prepared food. It’s almost shameful. You have to remember that I, like most people these days, w

Parmesan Baked Pork Chops

If you ask me, grilled pork chops are where it’s at, but these make a pretty dang good runner up. I’m not going to lie to you, as a food blogger, this daylight savings springing forward crap is the bee’s knees. As a human, it is the pits. As a human mother, I think I might be dying. Babies absolutely DO NOT care about daylight savings. You wouldn’t think that one hour would make that big of a difference, but oh boy. HOO OOhhh boy… was I wrong, or what? Maybe by the time fa

Maple BBQ Glazed Salmon

This was some of the best salmon EVAH. It only takes a handful of ingredients, and fifteen minutes of your time to get to this point. Staring down the barrel of some of the most delicious salmon you’ve ever tasted, that is. This is a recipe from Averie Cooks and I’m here to tell you that her recipes have NEVER disappointed. Not once. If you’ve never been to her site you NEED to run as fast as you can and take a look. I don’t really know what the internet equivalent is of runn

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