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Copycat Bajio Shrimp Tacos

I worked at Bajio the summer after I graduated from high school and I very quickly fell in love with their shrimp tacos.

That particular restaurant has since closed, and the closest one is about 30 minutes away, so whenever I need my Bajio fix it’s WAYYY more convenient to make it at home nowadays.

I’ve already pretty much mastered their Chicken Green Chile Quesadilla, and we’ve got these shrimp tacos pretty dang close, all I need to do now is discover the secret to their sweet rice recipe and I’m all set. I can start my own Bajio in my kitchen.

It’ll be just like last time. I’ll be the only white person in the entire establishment.

You guys, my Spanish got REALLLL good that summer.

I worked with the cutest Mexican dudes ever. I miss those guys. They were really patient with my Spanish speaking abilities and only laughed at me like 10 times a day.

I’ll take what I can get.

Let’s talk about these tacos, though. These babies are sautéed in a mixture of butter and honey, cooked to perfection and laid on a bed of lettuce, red onions, mangos and lime juice. They are slightly salty, totally sweet and will make all of your friends scream, “OY VEY!”

Copycat Bajio Shrimp Tacos

2015-11-09 19:34:26

A sweet and flavorful seafood taco topped with fresh mango salsa and cheddar cheese.

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  1. 2 pounds medium shrimp

  2. 1/2 cup butter

  3. 1 cup honey

  4. 2 teaspoons seasoned salt, or to taste

  5. 1/2 medium onion, diced

  6. Mango Salsa

  7. Lettuce

  8. Flour tortillas

  9. Cheddar Cheese


  1. Peel and devein shrimp if necessary and cut in half.

  2. To make the sauce, melt butter and stir in honey and seasoned salt. Heat 1/4 cup sauce in a small frying pan with 2 tablespoons diced onion until bubbly and then add about 3/4 cup shrimp to the pan, stirring until shrimp is cooked through and onions are soft.

  3. To assemble the tacos, warm the flour tortillas. Add lettuce, cheese, cooked shrimp (with sauce) and mango salsa. Serve immediately.

My Mom Taught Me To Play With my food

OY freakin’ VEY.

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