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Homemade Bread


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A.1. Burger with Mushrooms and Onions

Vegetarians, shield your eyes. Things are about to get delicious around here. When I was young, I thought that A.1. was actually called “AL”, and to this day my family calls steak sauce “AL”. By young I mean I was like 14 years old and totally should have known better. Whoops. AL isn’t just for steak anymore, friends. It’s now for burgers, and vegetables and bathing in and drinking with a straw… Mr. T is under the impression that you ruin a good steak by dumping AL all over

Basic Breakfast Sandwich

We’re starting with the basics because: A. you can never go wrong with a classic, and B. we can (and will) build off of this sandwich. But to be able to do that, we need to start with this. Yes. Just… yes. I have heard that making your own english muffins is not only mind blowing but also fairly easy. I’m going to need to try it someday soon, but for now, these ones are from the store. Sometimes, you’re just lucky to get a meal on the table ya know? Like, yesterday morning

Specialty Sandwiches

I find myself craving these sandwiches on a regular basis. They are perfect for lunch or if you’re tired after spending a whole day being super awesome and just need a quick, yummy dinner. Just throw some chips or some pretty fruit on the side and you will have yourself a happy family. These may look like just your average run of the mill sandwiches. … and you would probably be right, except for that now you have the recipe to the magic behind these beauties. This vinaigrette

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