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Roasted Artichokes

How fancy does this look?!

I love artichokes. Especially when they are dipped in melted butter.

It’s like my 64th most favorite way to consume butter, behind cookies and brownies and all that stuff that isn’t as good for you as artichokes are.

Of course.

But, seriously. These are super good seasoned up with a little salt and pepper, some roasted garlic and fresh lemon juice. They are a delicious and easy side dish to practically any meal.

Also, they are pretty and rustic. Thats my fave.

Roasted Artichokes

2016-01-21 14:57:25

Beautiful, rustic and delicious. Everything you can expect from a roasted artichoke.

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  1. 2 artichokes

  2. 1 lemon

  3. 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

  4. salt & pepper

  5. 6 garlic cloves


  1. Preheat oven to 425° F.

  2. Cut the bottom stem and top 1/3 off both artichokes with a sharp, serrated knife then use a small paring knife to hollow out and discard inner, center leaves. Spread artichoke leaves out as much as you can then drizzle each one with half a lemon and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Season liberally with salt and pepper then stuff 3 garlic cloves in the hollowed out center of both. Wrap each tightly in a large sheet of foil and bake for 50-70 minutes or until very tender.

By Iowa Girl Eats

My Mom Taught Me To Play With my food

Rustic, beautiful and delicious. Everything you can expect from these roasted artichokes!

Then dip away.

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