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Macadamia Nut Granola

Happy New Year, friends!

I know a lot of our resolutions are to eat better, so I thought I’d start off the year with a yummy, healthy recipe for an easy on-the-go breakfast.

I love the beginning of the year. I love the anticipation of a fresh start and all of the goals we set to better ourselves.

2014 was such an amazing year. We started off the year in California with the birth of our amazing, wonderful, fun, happy, beautiful daughter. Then we were blessed to move back to Utah, closer to our families and Mr. T started a new job that he loves. I started coaching my awesome girls in volleyball. We bought our first house together, which we love. We have learned more about ourselves in this year than any year before. We have grown closer in our marriage. We have grown closer to our Heavenly Father. It has been the best year of my entire life.

2015 has a lot to live up to, but I have high hopes for it.

One of my resolutions this year is to post more often on this blog. It’s something I have really enjoyed doing, but I have always told myself that people will always come before the blog. While that still, and always will be the case, I want to be more proactive about getting my posts up here.

Of course I want to start this year off by eating right also, and to help you guys with that as well, here is a recipe for some delicious granola with macadamia nuts and coconut.

You can eat it like cereal with almond milk in the morning, or eat it plain on the go. Maybe go big and use it to top some yogurt and berries. OOH… you could put it over some pineapple yogurt and get some piña colada action goin’ on… The options really are endless but whatever you decide, you are going to feel like a real go getter when you start your day off on this note.

coconut granola 1

Macadamia Nut Granola

2016-01-21 15:50:01

This granola is easy to make and perfect for those mornings when you only have time to grab something and go! Or throw it on a smoothie for a more filling start to your day.

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  1. 4 cups rolled oats

  2. ⅓ cup wheat flour

  3. ½ cup shredded coconut - unsweetend

  4. ¾ cup macadamia nuts, chopped

  5. 6 Tablespoons coconut oil, melted

  6. ½ teaspoon vanilla

  7. ⅔ cup maple syrup


  1. Preheat oven to 300° F. In a large bowl combine dry ingredients. Melt coconut oil and add vanilla and syrup. Pour over dry ingredients and stir to coat. Add some sea salt. Pour onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle with more sea salt. Bake for 30 minutes, stirring halfway through.

My Mom Taught Me To Play With my food

Easy, healthy, delicious granola with macadamia nuts and coconut. Great for busy days when you only have time to grab something and go!

I wish the best for all of you at the beginning of this brand new year.

Let’s kick some 2015 booty!

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