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Milk Chocolate Cream Pie

Oh, month of pies how I love you. This month is giving me the opportunity to try making things that I’ve never made before, and believe it or not… a chocolate pie is one of those things. I have always LOOOOOVED chocolate cream pies, but had never attempted to make one myself. Well, that has now changed, everybody. And seriously, they are kind of embarassingly easy to make. I am slightly ashamed that I’ve never made one before… And now I’ve just admitted it for the whole world

No Fail Pie Crust

For the first installment of our month of pies, I thought it would be useful for you to know how to make a pie crust. Because, you know. That seems kind of vital to making pies. Would you like to know the secret to a flaky pie crust? Be gentle while kneading! Also, vinegar. And, you will probably never hear me say this ever again for the rest of your lives, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT use butter. You HAVE to use shortening or the lard. But just saying lard makes me feel like

Oreo Ice Cream Pie

I’m back from vacation, guys! And I’m back on a pretty good day. Ya’ll know what it is… (DA DA DA nah nah nah nah nah nah nah HEY!) Jock Jams? No? K…. IT’S PI DAY!!! 3/14… get it? It’s the dumbest excuse for pie ever, but not at the same time because any excuse for pie is good in my book. Okay, so first thing on the docket today, you have to listen to my sob story, and then rejoice with me when I overcame all odds to bring this recipe to you. Sob story: MY OVEN BROKE! It brok

Chocolate Cream Pie Cookie Cups

As I was scrolling through Pinterest one day I beheld the most magnificent title there ever was: Chocolate Cream Pie Cookie Cups. Let’s break this down. Chocolate: Who doesn’t love chocolate? Crazy people. That’s who. Cream: If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a fan. BIG. FAN. Pie: There are no words for my love of pie. Again. Who doesn’t like pie? Same people who don’t like chocolate. Please refer to the statement above. Cookie: The ultimate brin

Chicken Pot Pie

The ultimate in comfort food. Just looking at that picture makes me feel better already. How do you feel? No… how would you feel if you were eating it right now? Wait. How would you feel if Ryan Gosling was spoon-feeding this to you? I’m guessing that this would probably become your new favorite food. It might become your new favorite food even if it’s your right hand spoon-feeding this to you… (wait… do you spoon-feed yourself?) I’m so confused now. BECAUSE IT’S DELICIOUS. T

Mississippi Mud Pie

Happy Pi(e) Day! My love for pie is a little embarrassing. I’m one of those psychos that has pie on my birthday instead of cake. If cake was as good as this pie is though, I would have cake more often! It’s honestly just cake’s fault. I definitely don’t miss any opportunity to make more pie and Pi(e) Day is like my Super Bowl. Well, Super Bowl is also my Super Bowl. I guess almost every day is like my Super Bowl since I make food and food is kind of a necessity of life, but s


Remember like, one hundred years ago I told you that I was going to show you what to do with leftover pie dough? The time has finally come, and it is glorious. I have heard these called pie crust cookies, but growing up we always called them tarts, and I cannot turn my back on childhood tradition. These totally take me back to blasting Britney Spears while doodling in my Lisa Frank notebooks. You know. The simple times. Not only do these bring back great memories, but they ca

Classic Apple Pie

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA, friends. I can’t believe how busy life has gotten. Being a mom is the craziest thing I’ve ever done. Tiny humans can be demanding. And cuddly. I’m not going to complain about that last one. Not at all. But let’s get real here people. This is a food blog, and last week was Thanksgiving. Thanks. Giving. That’s the big time for home cooks. The Super Bowl, if you will. For Thanksgiving this year I made the most classic of American dishes. No. Not the McRi

Chocolate Cream Pie Brownies

This recipe was created by Tessa, the owner of the blog “Handle the Heat.” It’s a killer blog with so many great recipes and beautiful photography. This recipe is nothing short of fantastic, and I applaud Tessa’s culinary genius. Brownies + chocolate cream pie filling + fresh whipped cream = pure decadence. Tessa, you and I could become real good friends. Chocolate Cream Pie Brownies 2016-01-23 17:45:50 These brownies are decadent and super chocolatey! Write a review Save Rec

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