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Blackberry Sour Cream Muffins

Yesterday my sweet baby turned three months old. Yesterday my baby turned three months old. THREE MONTHS! Where is the time going? Before I know it she’ll be way too cool for me, and then driving, and then coming home with some dude to tell me she’s getting married Father of the Bride style. I’m positive that’s how my parent’s felt when I brought Mr. T home to meet them. Then they got all weirded out and Famous Julie started asking really bizarre questions and my dad wouldn’t

Strawberry Muffins

I’m so ready for summer and fresh berries. I’m watching the Bachelorette as I write this, and I can’t get over the awkwardness. The classic pensive stares across the corn fields or the cityscapes. The bumbling one-liners and nervous giggles. There was even one shot of a dude who was playing fetch with his like, 300 pound labrador retriever. You could tell that lab had never retrieved anything in his life. OH, and how about the yoga dude who is totally into love and the univer

Bran Muffins

So… these bran muffins probably would have been fairly healthy if I hadn’t eaten 17 of them in one sitting. These suckers are delicious and …. moist. There. I said it. The word we all dread. But seriously, what other options do we have?! Have you ever looked up synonyms for the word moist? It will come up with words that I either: 1. never want to hear when reading about food, or 2. sound slightly inappropriate… this is a family friendly blog, people! Exhibit A: synonym: da

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