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I apologize for the absence lately.

My excuse is pretty good, though.

I have spent the last week a world away in Hong Kong.

I’ll tell you what. All the rumors are totally true.

The food there is RIDICULOUS.

My parents have been living there for almost a year now, so we went to visit and they showed us all the greatest hole-in-the wall haunts of the locals.

I’m ruined for lame Chinese food forever.

I am ALSO ruined for regular grocery stores. The wet markets there are AMAZING! Think of the greatest farmer’s market you have ever been to and times that by approximately 384 million and you will have reached the coolness of the wet markets in Hong Kong.

Why can’t they sell seafood like this in Utah?

It absolutely does not get any fresher than this.

(If they do sell fish like this in Utah, can somebody please clue me in?!)

They sold fruits and vegetables here that I couldn’t even begin to guess what they were.

I have so much to learn about food.

My next goal in life is to make sushi. Sushi like I had in Hong Kong.

The best sushi in the WHOLE ENTIRE world.

I want to cry just thinking about how far away that sushi is from me.

Please excuse the TERRIBLE phone picture, but I just had to document this moment in my life. This is a piece of tuna blasted for a couple of seconds with a kitchen torch and topped with sauce and pepper.

I can’t stop drooling right now.

I HAVE TO remake this. My very life depends on it.

I promise the recipes are coming back soon.

I just had to give you my big fat excuse as to why I haven’t been around lately.

But seriously, I love you guys. Thanks for sticking it out with me!

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