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Homemade Bread


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Triple Berry Spinach Smoothie

I drink a smoothie for breakfast almost every morning so I’m always looking to switch things up a bit. This smoothie is SO. FREAKISHLY....

Coconut Vanilla Smoothie

This smoothie is my newest obsession. Don’t ask me why there is a pineapple in the back of this picture… There are actually no pineapples...

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Have you ever heard of the smoothie joint named, “Orange Peel?” They make the best smoothies I’ve ever had from any smoothie...

Recipes for the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July, tomorrow! I thought today would be a good day to remind you of some recipes that will be a hit at your Fourth of...

Raspberry Limeade

Remember how I told you that I’ve been obsessed with raspberries lately and I’ve been putting them into everything? I was seriously not...

Cucumber Punch

I know, I know. The name of this drink sounds totally weird. Cucumbers? In my punch? Don’t cucumbers belong in salads? Or on my eyes?...

Protein Packed Orange Julius

This is what I have for breakfast almost every morning and I STILL crave it every day. Some may call it a habit, but those people would...

Strawberry Mint Lemonade

I’m a fan of lemonade. Especially strawberry lemonade. This drink just screams summer, especially since I used the strawberries that I...

Brazilian Lemonade

[showad block=2] DRANK. I never understood why the name of this drink is Brazilian Lemonade because there are approximately ZERO lemons...

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