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Mediterranean Pizza

Today we’re taking pizza back to where it originated. Did the Italians know what they were doing or what? Pizza is like the greatest thing to happen to this world since… welllllllll … pizza. Can you imagine a world without pizza?! That is a dark place. A dark place indeed. This beauty has red onions, mushrooms, artichokes, kalamata olives, salami, prosciutto and of course, cheese. Lots and lots of delicious cheese. Mediterranean Pizza 2016-01-21 16:03:02 We took pizza back to

Shrimp Quesadillas

I have an inexplicable love affair with seafood. Probably my favorite thing about it is that you get so much flavor, without adding a ton of calories.Probably my least favorite thing about it is that sometimes it tries to murder my husband. He developed an allergy to seafood a couple of months after we got married, and before we narrowed down the culprit to seafood, he had eaten it a couple of times with the reactions getting progressively worse and worse. The poor guy is tot

Clam Spaghetti

This. Is. The. Stuff. This pasta makes for an insanely delicious dinner. Unlike other pastas, it doesn’t call for gallons of sauce to provide flavor. Which is good news for all of us because that means we get to eat delicious pasta without packing on the pounds. It also comes together in 30 minutes or less, and is pretty to boot. One of my favorite parts about this recipe though is that it is even better the next day as leftovers. The extra day provides time for the flavors t

North African Inspired Salmon Salad

I have totally been to Northern Africa before, and I don’t remember eating anything this good the entire time I was there. Of course, I was only 14 years old and probably could have sustained my life solely on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the time. My taste buds hadn’t matured quite yet. For my 22 year old taste buds though, PB&J’s just aren’t cutting it anymore. So now I have to eat delicious things like this salad. And oh gosh. It is SO good. The recipe doesn’t mak

Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Spiced Almonds and White Balsamic Vinaigrette

This might be one of my new favorite salads. And when I say might be… I mean it definitely is. In fact, I am craving it as I write this and the chances that I will still be craving it while you are reading are embarrassingly high. It has recently become my life’s mission to find and make new delicious salads, and oh boy did I hit the jack-pot with this beauty. This vinaigrette is so good and versatile, I’ll be finding other salads to use it on ASAP. Stay tuned, friends. Oh an

Baked Mushroom Chicken

If you only take one recipe from this blog, I highly suggest this one. It’s insanely delicious, insanely cheesy, and I just want it in my tummy right now. This entire pan came from only THREE chicken breasts! I always overestimate the amount of chicken breasts I need for this recipe because a single breast stretches so far! Mr. T LLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSS this chicken. It’s easily in his top three favorite things that I make. For those who personally know Mr. T, you know he is a

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Sometimes I like to feel super fancy. On those days I like to sip Martinelli’s out of fancy glasses while listening to Josh Groban and cooking this chicken cordon bleu. We won’t talk about the fact that I more than likely have spit up in my hair and a bleach stain on my favorite yoga pants. Actually, we can totally talk about that because I wouldn’t trade it for the entire world. Maybe I’d trade the bleach stain on my favorite yoga pants, but I have learned how to rock the sp

Grill Seasoning & Grill Baste

These recipes are preparing you for what’s to come. Friends, I am telling you right now… you do not want to miss this. This first recipe is the first step to Carrabba’s famous and oh so delicious Filet Bryan. Carrabba's Grill Seasoning 2016-01-23 16:10:28 This seasoning is so good you'll want to put it on everything you've ever grilled! Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 1/4 cup kosher salt 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper 1 1/2 teaspoons granulated garlic

Grilled Salmon

This one’s for you Aunt Alice! It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s delicious. The best kinds of dinners are easy fast and delicious. I, unfortunately, do not own a grill. So I will give you the instructions for the grill, and for the oven. If you have the option to use a grill, PLEASE do so. It imparts a flavor that cannot be mimicked in an oven. Don’t get me wrong… it’s still super good from the oven, but ya’ll just need to trust me. Grilled Salmon 2016-01-23 16:27:21 This grilled sa

Jen’s Pasta Sauce

I got this recipe from Famous Julie, who got it from her sister, Aunt Jenny. Aunt Jenny is one of the most wonderful and funny human beings on this entire planet. I rarely get to see her because she lives so far away and stays super busy saving the world and all the people in it, but I always look forward to the time we spend together. She also always has the most fabulous recipes including this super simple, yet incredibly delicious pasta sauce. She’s just way too cool for s

Bacon & Rosemary Chicken

I love to read cooking magazines, AND cookbooks, AND cooking blogs, AND kitchen appliance manuals with recipes in them, AND wrappers that have recipes, AND basically just about anything that has an ingredient list on it. I’m not hard to please. This recipe is from a Taste of Home Magazine that I bought a while back, so I cracked it open and although there were many excellent recipes in there, this was the one I picked to make first. The chances that the first dish I would try

Fish Tacos

I have been preparing your subconscious for this recipe for a while now, and I’m a little bit excited about it. Kids… try to contain yourself from licking your screen. Okay, has someone actually ever had to do that?! Literally contain themselves from LICKING a COMPUTER screen?! I highly doubt that. BUT these are super good, so try not to drool all over the place. Here we are combining the deliciousness that is my mango salsa and spicy oven-baked tilapia and throwing them both

Spicy Oven-Baked Tilapia

Going on four years ago now, Mr. T told me that he would take me to the infamous all-you-can-eat seafood buffet in his hometown in Mesquite, Nevada. Then… tragically, about 3 months before we tied the knot he developed an allergy to seafood. He’s sad about it, I’m sad about it, and the last place we want to be is at a seafood buffet. So basically what I’m saying is that somebody else needs to come stuff face with me at this buffet. ‘Cause unless we acquire an EpiPen, Mr. T ai


These last couple days have been SO. BUSY. I don’t even know where one day starts and one day ends anymore. Okay, that is ridiculous because obviously the days start and end when the sun comes up and goes down… but I was just trying to be a little bit dramatic. This dinner is so appetizing, and so easy for those days when you just can’t even seem to catch your breath. No-Peek Chicken Casserole 2016-01-23 17:36:00 The ultimate comfort food. Also, the easiest comfort food on th

“Favorite” Soup

Okay, I guess if we are going to get technical around here, the real name of this soup is technically, “Main Dish Chowder” but never before has this soup ever been called that in the history of the Steed family. OH, fun fact about me, my maiden name is Steed. So sorry for the confusion. Anyway, this soup is the Steed family’s favorite soup, so in a stroke of pure genius and creativity it has been re-named “Favorite Soup”. favorite counter: 3 OHMYGOSH I love this stuff so much

Spinach Tomato Tortellini

Not only do I come from a family of amazing cooks, but I married into a family full of amazing cooks. I am seriously surrounded by so many talented people everywhere I go! I got this recipe from my awesome sister-in-law Jennifer. Jenn is a super fun mom, a talented piano player (and instructor if you know anyone in the Lehi, Utah area that needs a teacher) and an amazing cook and cake decorator. She made my wedding cake and not only was it absolutely gorgeous, but it was supe


This recipe. This is a Famous Julie original. Every year for our birthdays my sweet momma gives us the option of choosing what we eat for dinner that night. You know your momma can cook when you are excited to eat at home on your birthday, instead of going to a restaurant. Pretty sure after she whipped these puppies out several years ago every single person in my family requested them for their birthday for years and years. In fact, hey mom? Can you make these for my birthday

Momma Steed’s Shrimp Linguini

This linguini will blow your mind. But if you aren’t a big fan of shrimp don’t leave just yet! I had a great friend in high school who LOVED this stuff…. and hates shrimp. In our high school yearbook, all the senior athletes were interviewed and one of the questions asked was, “What is your favorite food?” to which her response was, “Momma Steed’s Shrimp Linguini without the shrimp.” True story. Momma Steed's Shrimp Linguini 2016-01-24 14:48:27 Even if you don't like shrimp,

Pork Chops

I am fully aware that these are not the size of normal pork chops. That’s why I’m approximately 87.9% sure that these are dinosaur chops. I don’t have any other evidence to suggest that these actually are from dinosaurs besides their sheer size, but that’s good enough for me. Pork Chops 2016-01-24 15:11:47 Pork chips make for a quick, easy, delicious meal that can be thrown together any night of the week. Write a review Save Recipe Print Total Time 15 min Total Time 15 min In

Grilled Fish Steaks

This is one of my most favorite dishes. I can’t even put into words how incredibly tasty this fish is. Seriously … all I could say after I put it in my mouth was “Oh… uuuhhmmm… ooooohh mah goooonnneeessshhhh. Dis is shhoo goooood!” If you are a dental hygienist/dentist, you may have understood me. Which brings me to a pet peeve of mine: Why the heck do dentists insist on asking you questions while hands and instruments are shoved into your mouth so far they’re tickling your

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